Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas, Halloween, and Strawberries??

 A puppy in a Christmas present ornament. :) I had this idea in my head for awhile and finally brought it to life!  The first Christmas ornament for my etsy shop.

This is like my other teddy bear pendants, but Christmas style! I had a lot of fun making the Santa hat. I love making them for some reason.

 I have seen these around...and I know its not completely original, but MINE has glitter on it ;)  Sad thing is...all my items I put glitter on..they don't show up well in the photographs!

This one was based off a graphic I made awhile back, and I really like how it turned out :)  I used metal wire in the stems, so that it wont break off.

 I had leftover rainbow from the rainbow cake, so I decided to make a rainbow pendant out of it.  And then I added glitter.  I'm becoming a little glitter-obsessed now ;)

 I was really excited to make these ones, and I finally did them.  And they turned out so good! :)  Peppermint cupcakes are the cutest things ever!

 This one was based off a painting I did in college.  Its not a pendant or earrings, this one is just for decoration! And he turned out so cute!

 This cute cherry blossom cake slice is based off my wedding cake :)  I had such a beautiful wedding cake, and it also tasted dang good.  I cant say the same thing for this one though ;)  But its pretty!

 How can anyone resist these peanut butter cup earrings?? I'm surprised how realistic they turned out.  I almost want to eat them myself.

 I'm getting on a cupcake making spree now. Watch out, there will be more. Lots more.  This one is simple, but cute.  Sparkly cupcakes with a pink heart placed on the side.

 Another ornament!  This one is a cute little penguin, all ready for Christmas!  He turned out much cuter than I thought he would.  Its going to be hard letting go of this one.

 This is one of my favorites now.  Its a pumpkin fairy house.  It was so fun to make!  I'm so greedy, I kept one of the ones I made. ;)

 Pink swirl cupcake earrings, with sparkles just barely visible on the camera.  In the future when I figure out ice cream, I'll do pink swirls like these ones!

 So I made my first strawberry cane! And I'm so happy with the way it turned out.  Canes can be such a pain, but I'm getting way better at making them.  One of my creations I absolutely had to make was a strawberry cake.  I want to eat it...

 aaaaaaaand strawberry cupcakes! :D  (with glitter of course)

 And of course, I cant make strawberry cake without making individual cake slices.  I think one of my favorite things to do with polymer clay jewelry now is texturize cake.  Time consuming, but fun!

 I also made strawberry waffles, and the syrup came out more messy than I wanted...but at least they look real :)  Someone will give them a nice home!

This one isn't for sale (I don't sell anything copyrighted)  But I just wanted to show off my cute little Thor.  I made him for my husband. (which means I own him too. hehehehehe.)

Here is my deviantart in which you can visit him:

And just fyi, I'm making another cane right now:  a banana cane! So keep you eyes open for strawberry banana combinations in the next week or so! :)

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