Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting closer...

I'm almost to my 50th listing mark!!  That will be halfway to my goal! Yippee!!  I've been making jewelry like nobodies business!!  I sure hope all my hard work pays off!    On a side note, I also purchased the Avengers on blueray :)  It's officially my favorite movie right now.  Probably will be for a looooong time.

Here's what I've been working on!   Feedback/Ideas are always appreciated!

Pancakes with butter and syrup earrings!  The syrup took me forever to figure out!  But I think I got it accurate :)

 Eggs and bacon mix n' match set.  Perfect for breakfast lovers :)

Cute Teddy Bear Pendant!  This one was inspired by my sister.  She nicknamed her boyfriend all sorts of bear names, so I decided to make this cute pendant based off the thought.  I had in mind that it could be a gift to a girlfriend when I made it.

 Blue whale kawaii earrings. I had a lot of fun making these. Aren't they so cute :)  I gave a pair as a gift to my niece and she LOVES them!

 Jack O' Lantern earrings, which were painted with glow in the dark paint...but they don't exactly glow.  Maybe I'll try holding them up to the light and see how that works out.

 Lightning bolt earrings! I wanted to do a few earrings that were simple, bright, and bold! I love how they turned out!

 Simple, bold, heart earrings :)   So cute!  They remind me of Sailor Moon for some reason.

 Watermelon earrings!  I used different shades of green in the rine.  I love how that effect turned out.

 Cute lil' popsicle earrings.  These ones were based off of a fimo cutter I got at Michaels.  Them I jazzed them up and added my own style :)    I imagine these to be cherry flavored. Thats my fav!

 Rainbow hearts in a jar pendants.  So my mom has a bunch of these cork bottle pendants so I made some cute pendants!  I didn't noticed some of them were different sizes, so when I made some of these rainbow ones, I had to make separate listings for the bigger and smaller bottles because I already had glued the corks down. Silly me!

 Chocolate dipped strawberry fortune cookie pendant/earrings.  Based off of my reception favors I had when I was married. They were so DELICIOUS. I can't express how amazing they were...  I cant remember where I got them..somewhere online that specializes in fortune cookies.  And I got custom messages inside too! (the reception favors, not these pendants ;)

 Chocolate drizzle doughnuts, available in chocolate, and strawberry!  These ones were made after I was thinking about my sister's boyfriend, and how much he LOVES doughnuts.  They turned out so cute!!!  I might do some Halloween Themed ones...and some Christmas ones.  The opportunities are endless!

 Cherry Blossom Pendant...did I mention that my wedding reception was cherry blossom themed?  I absoultely LOVE cherry blossoms.  So I decided to make a cherry blossom design. I got so frustrated with it, that I just smashed everything down with a rolling pin.  But then that actually made it look cool. Funny how things turn out :)

 Eyeballs in a jar pendant.  Creepy, yet cool.  It was pretty frustrating making those little eyeballs. Its very hard to paint on something so teeny tiny.  I think it turned out great though!

 Cute little ghost earrings.  I wanted them to be simple. Simple ghosts look the coolest, in my opinion.  I used sparkly white fimo, but you can't really tell in the picture.

 The first in the bitten chocolate pendant series. These were a lot of fun to make! :)

 Bitten peanut butter chocolate pendant. mmmmm....

 Chocolate drizzled heart pendant.

 This bitten chocolate pendant is square shaped, if you are thinking I just posted the first one again ;)

 I made some kokeshi doll pendants.  Kokeshi dolls are Japanese dolls and they are so awesome!

 Dragon wrapped around a bottle pendant.  This little dragon is Japanese, like the one in the movie Spirited Away, so he doesn't have any wings.

 Cute little bat earrings.  I put jewels in their eyes to give them more of a spooky look...and jewels are just cool too ;)

 Another kokeshi doll pendant, this one has a flower in her hair.

 Halloween cat earrings. I think these ones are really fun, because I used orange paint for their facial parts, which really makes them pop.

 Muddy pig earrings.  What pig isn't complete without mud?   :)

 These cute robot pendants are based off of a design I had made on cafepress. I think it really translated well into a physical design.

 Cute little unicorn pendant with a little white heart marking.  This one turned out cuter than I thought it would!

 Pink frosted star cookie earrings, with white sprinkles.  As you can probably tell from my previous designs, pink is my favorite color.  I love pairing it with blue, or white.  I might do a rainbow series with these cookies and sell them as charms.  We shall see!

 Deer pendant and leaf earring set.  I thought these matched perfectly together, and I'm pretty proud of my deer. I worked so hard on her! I almost don't want to sell her because shes so adorable.

 Glittery hearts in a jar pendant.  I thought glitter went really well with these little pink hearts.  Its almost like a wish in a jar!

Another Kokeshi doll pendant. This one has pink hair, because pink hair is awesome.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lots of Jewelry!

I'm trying so hard each day to make more and more fimo jewelry.  I'm having such a fun time :)  Hopefully I will make my first sale soon!  My favorite piece I've made so far are these starfish rhinestone neckalces.  I think they are so adorable. <3   I wish the world could see my jewelry, because I think they would love it!

Friday, September 7, 2012

My New Etsy Shop!

I just opened up an etsy shop!! :)  I'm really excited because I'm having a blast making polymer clay jewelry.  Its a  new discovery!!  More designs to come soon!