Saturday, October 6, 2012

My first real sale!

I'm so excited right now, because I've made my first real sale! :)  (the other one was from a friend, so I don't count it, haha)  Bye bye banana earrings, I hope you love your new home!

Here's some new awesome stuff I made!   I'm having such a blast!!

 Panda earrings! :D Yes...I know they are 'generic'. But I make what I love...and I like pandas and wanted to make them this way  so XP.

I love foxes.  So, I made a chibi version of them! :D  Expect more fox things from me in the future, this is not the last you will see of foxes!

I couldn't help myself....I needed to make some cute little fruits. This mean lady told me they were generic but I don't think so! I put love into these babies!

Caramel dipped apple earrings :)  The green turned out a little more saturated than I expected, but that's ok! They are still cute! :)

 Happy pears! Ok, honestly, I don't like these much. I used clay on the faces instead of paint...and I just don't like them as much as my other ones. Hopefully they find a home!

 Lemon earrings! :)  I thought the faces were appropriate. They are so sour, they can feel it!!

 Cute orange earrings!  These were fun to make. I liked the calming, montonus task of making the indentations.

 BAM! Sold. Sorry guys. I'll try and make some more.  Cute little bananas :D  I tried to make these ones more realistic. Just a plain, yellow one with no green or brown seemed....boring and dead.

 Pink music note earrings! :D  These were originally for a set that was going to come with a pendant of a panda with didn't turn out so well. So just music notes for now!

 Carrot cake slice earrings.  Oh my.  When I made these, I wanted carrot cake SO BAD. I loooove carrot cake. :)

 Ladybug on a leaf pendant. Oh how clever I thought I was when I came up with this one...then I realized Its a pretty common idea. I don't care XP ...mine's better anyways! ;D

 I had to make carrot cake cupcackes after I made the carrot cake slice.  I just loved making those little carrots on top. So cute :D

 I couldn't hold in my desire to make Christmas jewelry, so I kind of exploded with some Christmas jewelry. This one is a mint chocolate pendant :D

 Little candy canes in a jar :)  Aren't they cute?  So little....

 Peppermint candies in a jar pendant.  I couldn't help myself...I just had to add glitter. I thought it made it look better!

 Christmas truffle!  I'm quite proud for coming up with this one. Although, I'd never eat it in real life.  I like how  red and white looks, but I don't like eating peppermint!

 Peppermint chip chocolate cookie earrings!  Makes me want to make some chocolate crinkle cookies...those things are heavenly.

Swedish Jelly Roll earrings.  I've never had a jelly roll, but while I was making these I really wanted to try one!!  For some reason they make me think of those treats the evil queen gives to the boy in Narnia.

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