Monday, February 27, 2012

New Blog!

So I'm starting a blog.  My first real blog.  Mainly for my designs and art, but I may have some opinions here and there about life.

  So let me explain how I got into designs in the first place.

I am a member of  (  And there was a notification in my box for a contest.   A cute monster t-shirt design contest.  I thought, hey I'll give this a try.  So then in a few days I put a lot of hard work into creating my design, and I was happy with the outcome.  Though, throughout the entire process, there was a lot of frustration, deciding to never design again, coming back to the picture, working on it, getting frustrated again, etc etc.  When I had the final outcome and everything clicked into place  (thanks to some feedback from some helpful people)  I was happy with the outcome of all my  hard work.  And I thought to myself, why haven't I dont this before?  And then some people let me know where they could buy a t shirt with the design I had made. 

Then DebraMarie Designs was born.

The design for the logo actually comes from my husband who was actually just doodling around in my notebook.  And when I decided to make a logo I remembered that doodle and I thought it was perfect! 

The logo image won't upload for some strange reason but you can view it on my site that I was getting around to.  It's at
Thats the store I decided to open.  I am in no position to where I can start buying and printing my own shirts, so I opened up a shop at a place that does it for you.  No  harm in that :)   Haven't made a single sale yet, but I think that because the lack of designs.  My targeted audience is young female adults/teens my age.  Althought I'm sure other people would like my designs as well.  I just decided I would make designs that I myself would want to wear. 

Since I started out as an Illustration major, hating the graphic design world, I find it so funny how im getting into graphic design.  Makes me wish I had gotten into it in the first place.  Oh well!  So now I'm waiting to make some money off of this.  Hoping, actually, that it will turn into something.  Because right now my husband and I have no jobs and were desperate for something!  Any feedback, ideas would be greatly appreciated.  And feedback on this block would be appreciated as well.  Should I keep posting?  Should I keep up the designs?  Let me know! :)

And heres some pictures of designs for those who didn't click on the links ;)

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  1. I love your blog Debra, so colorful and full of fun!